We Wear Some Really Cool Outfits in Episode 237!


Check out my new smart watch, tiny pet!

Check out my new smart watch, tiny pet!

Episode 237 - Sci-Fi Shuffle #3: Fantastic Planet

Our Sci-Fi Shuffle series gets a little weird when we talk about Fantastic Planet. But sci-fi is often weird! We mean, it's not always NIGHTMARE-INDUCING, Cronenberg weird like this is. Well, except when it's actually Cronenberg. But we digress.

Kevin mentioned an illustrated fairy tale video called "The Fool and the Flying Ship", which you can actually watch on the Internet Archive! It's narrated by Robin Williams, so check it out! And here's some info on that anime short film Paul mentioned. It sounds as weird as promised!

Would YOU like to read an essay from a film historian that might deepen your appreciation for this movie? Well then Criterion has you covered!

And we regret to inform you that composer Alain Goraguer has passed away since the recording of this episode.

Last updated: February 27, 2023

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