An Introduction

Welcome to The Fanbeing's Guide to Star Trek. This is where you can find all sorts of information about the episodes of classic television series "Star Trek". From Classic Lines to Alien Love, you can find it within these pages. This is a sort of Star Trek version of such books as The DisContinuity Guide, The Babylon File, and X-Treme Possibilites. I've always enjoyed that type of thing, and so I decided I'd try and do my own version for "Star Trek". The format is similar, but I've tried to go my own way in devising certain categories. Everything here is my own, but I am indebted to the following sources for supplementing my personal research:

  • is the official Star Trek website, useful for cast listings and such.
  • Chrissie's Star Trek transcripts and Star Trek Sickbay's TOS transcripts are great for when I need to check a line of dialogue without finding it on the VHS/DVD.
  • Memory Alpha is the Star Trek wiki for licensed works and is an invaluable resource for cross-checking facts, such as when exactly the Enterprise changed from Starship-class to Constitution-class (the answer, incidentally, is not until the Next Generation episode "The Naked Now").

The goal is to have entries for every episode of both the original series and the Animated Series. If I get ambitious (someday), that will expand to also include the original series movies, as well as the reboot/alternate reality/Abramsverse/Kelvin timeline (delete according to preference) movies. Note also that, unless stated otherwise, entries refer to the original transmitted version of the episode, not the remastered version.

Now briefly, here's a breakdown of the categories you'll find in The Fanbeing's Guide to Star Trek:

Stardate: Simple enough; the stardate given as to when the episode takes place.

Captain's Log: A summary of the plot of the episode.

Whoops!: Here's where any fluffed lines, mistakes on camera, and logical plotholes will be listed. However, minor repeated inconsistencies (such as vents appearing on the back of the nacelles) won't be included. I may be pedantic, but I have my limits.

Classic Lines: Some of the best lines of dialogue from the show, ones that can be quoted again and again.

Cringe Lines: The worst lines of dialogue Star Trek produced, these are the ones that make you wince and ashamed to be a fan.

Technobabble: Star Trek may have pushed the boundaries of scientific accuracy in television, but they also just created gibberish. Here's where you can find some of the more memorable instances.

Don't Wear a Red Shirt: Star Trek is famous for its killing of red-shirted security guards. This describes the numerous instances.

Alien Love: The name says it all, really. Not necessarily alien love, this category chronicles the numerous affairs that the cast of Star Trek had. Kirk, Scotty, and the rest of the gang - they're all here.

Library Computer: The real meat of the entry, this part lists the facts that were stated during the course of the episode.

Final Analysis: My final take on the show.

Note that anything in [ ] is my own conjecture and is not to be treated as fact.

So have a look around, read up, and enjoy!

[A note about episode numbers: normally, I probably would have just numbered these by airdate and moved on with my life. However, Paramount took to numbering the episodes in order of production, not transmission, for their VHS releases (thus "Where No Man Has Gone Before" becomes episode 2 instead of episode 3, etc.), and these numbers took hold. (And let's be honest; it makes sense to have "Where No Man Has Gone Before" be second.) I've therefore decided to keep the numbers as Paramount has them, but to list them in order of original transmission, much how they are on the DVDs. That's why episode 6 comes before episode 3, and so forth. Using production numbers, however, does mean that when we get to the Animated Series, the numbers suddenly jump up into the thousands - but as this how they're numbered on the DVD (the VHS releases are simply numbered episodes 1 through 23 (barring 12), albeit still in production order rather than by airdate), I'll keep the same numbers here.]

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