We Harvest Space Lobsters from the Air in Episode 263!


Leading your movie with dog murder: a bold choice!

Leading your movie with dog murder: a bold choice!

Episode 263 - SFS #9: Teenagers from Outer Space

Since we're about to launch into Merry Marvel Movie March Madness, we thought we'd first knock off another movie in our Sci-Fi Shuffle series - 1959's Teenagers From Outer Space! Thanks to Kevin Vredevoogd, who at least gave us the illusion of choice on this one. May he mercifully be vaporized into a skeleton before the Gargans devour him!

Here's the "14 beers at Chili's" meme, as required by law.

You can hear us talk about the movie Solaris on Cinematic Respect, and it shares one thing in common with Teenagers from Outer Space - gratuitous driving sequences! And also space, we guess.

Bronson Canyon is a very common place to film, especially in the sci-fi genre. We doubt it will be the last time we see it in our Shuffle!

The bones are their money.

Last updated: February 26, 2024

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